Multipurpose cable tester for network, LAN and telephone cables

Κωδικός Προϊόντος: NF-8108A
Τιμή: 81,00€


  • 1. Measure network cable length and determine the distance of open and short circuit.
  • 2. Check wiring error in 5E, 6E, coaxial cable, such as open circuit,short circuit, jumper wire, reverse connection .
  • 3. Portable unit with long battery life (wait-case 50 hours).
  • 4. Automatically time-delay shut off.
  • 5. Self-checking and automatically compensate any change in battery capacity or ambient temperature.


  • 1.Don't connected high voltage lines to avoid buring out the machine.
  • 2.Put into the right place to avoid hurting others,because of the sharp part.
  • 3.Connected the cable to the right port.
  • 4.Read the user manual before use it.

Technical indexes:
Transmitter specifications:

  • Indictor: LCD 53x25 mm
  • Tone frequency: 225 Hz
  • Max. distance of cable map: 1000m
  • Max. working current: Less than 70mA
  • Compatible connectors: RJ45
  • Faults LCD display: LCD display
  • Low battery display: LCD ( 6.5V)
  • Voltage protection: AC 60V/DC 42V
  • Battery Type: DC 4x1.5v
  • Dimension(LxWxD): 184 x 84 x 46 mm

Remote unit specifications:

  • Compatible connectors: RJ45
  • Dimension(LxWxD): 78 x 33 x 22 mm
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