4000W High Power Thyristor Electronic Voltage AC 220V Regulator Dimming Speed Temperature Regulation control switch

Κωδικός Προϊόντος: FRP4KW220V
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This voltage regulator is a specially improved circuit for motor speed regulation. The minimum output voltage can be adjusted by a precision multi-turn potentiometer.

The voltage regulator has a peak voltage absorption circuit to effectively protect the high-power thyristor, which has a longer life and is more durable.


  • Use voltage: AC 220V
  • Maximum power: 4000W (connected resistive load)
  • Voltage regulation: AC 50-220V
  • Specification size: high temperature resistant FR-4 circuit board circuit board about 36MM*48MM
  • External size: 85(L) x 58(W) x37.5(H) mm


Connect this product to the circuit of the table lamp or the electrical appliance in series (ie disconnect any one of the live or neutral wires of the table lamp, the electrical appliance, etc., and connect the two wires of this "product") rotary potentiometer The rotary rod can play the role of light and dark adjustment, speed adjustment, pressure adjustment and temperature adjustment; it is very convenient to use.

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