NF-521 Thermal Imager Portable Infrared Thermal Camera Digital Display Heating Detector Handheld Temperature Imaging Imager

Κωδικός Προϊόντος: NF-521
Τιμή: 317,00€
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Product description:

NF-521 has thermal imaging function and can display hot and cold spots on the screen, enabing users to oberve the object temperature changes more effectively. It helpls you to quickly lock the target area. The standard 8GB memory card can save a large number of images and data and generate high-quality infrared images, which is a useful tool for fault maintenance.

Main function:

  • 2-megapixel white lens
  • 2.4 TFT LCD Display
  • Temperature testing range: -10°C ~ 400°C
  • 32×32 pixel resolution, 33° Field of View
  • Merging visible and infrared image display
  • Chargeable Li-ion battery (charge by micro USB interface)

Technical indexes:


Infrared temperature measurement

 Temperature measurement range


 Basic accuracy

 ±2% or ±2.0℃


 adjustable 0.1~0.99

 Measuring resolution


 Response time


 Spectral band


Thermal imaging technique

 Thermal imaging resolution

 32*32(1024 pixels)

 Electronic shutter


 Visible light camera

 2 megapixels

 Display resolution

 Thermal imaging, thermal mixing, digital camera

 Color palettes

 Ironbow,iridescence ,Grayscale

 Infrared spectral bandwidth



 33° horizontal


 18 mrad

 Thermal imaging sensitivity


 Frame rate


 Image format


General parameters


 2.4 & rdquo; TFT LCD

 Display resolution

 320*240 pixels



 Automatic shutdown function




 SD card

 8GB TF card

 Working temperature


 Drop proof


 Standard accessories

 manual, USB cable, 8GB micro TF card

Set included:

  • Memory card*1pcs
  • Charging cable*1pcs
  • Power adaptor*1pcs
  • Manual*1pcs
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