Noyafa nf-822 underground cable locator 0-0.5 m depth cable length tester 1000m for High voltage wire detecting

Κωδικός Προϊόντος: NF-822
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Main features

  • Detect cable location in underground or other invisible cable, the range is 0-0.5m
  • Signal sensitivity for transmitter and receiver is adjustable
  • The probe length is adjustable according to needs
  • Easy to track with complete AC Interference Rejection
  • Tone trace live cable (<220V) with socket  avoiding burnout.
  • Capable trace cable, such as single conductors, 2-core or multi-core cable


  • Earphone helps work in noisy environment.
  • Cable lead and socket can be used at the same time.
  • Low battery indicator function
  • Rechargeable Lithium battery for transmitter

The Max cable length 


The Max depth distance


Power supply

Transmitter : 3.7V Lithium battary

Receiver: 9V battery

Low battery indicate

Transmitter :﹤3.4V led light flashing

Receiver :﹤6 V led light flashing

Charging current


Signal transmmission format

Multi-frequency pulse

Singal output level


Dimensions (LxWxH)

Transmitter : 152*55*34mm

Receiver: 252* 45* 28mm

Whole set: 320*160*55mm

Weight ( battery included )

Transmitter: 0.14kg

Receiver: 0.20kg

Whole set: 0.45kg

Paking list:

  • USB Charging cable * 1 set
  • AC adaptor * 1 set
  • Bulit-in lithium battary * 1 set
  • 9V battary * 1 set (if required)
  • Earphone * 1 set
  • User manual * 1 set
  • Carry bag * 1 set
  • Gift box 1 set
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