NOYAFA NF-858C Trace Cable Line Locator Portable Wire Tracker Cable Tester Finder Network Cable Testing BNC Measure Cable Length

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Main features:

  • PoE function: identify which pins are providing power and detect how much voltage . 
  • Identify telephone cable condition ( Tip or Ring) / polarity (anode or cathode).
  • Easily trace and locate cables without AC Current noise. 
  • Hub blink for locating network port by  the flashing port light on Hub / Switch. 
  • Measure cable length for Lan cable and Coax cable.
  • Check open, short, cross for  Lan cable and Coax cable.


  • Different scan modes, easily help locate target cable. 
  • Memory and storage function.
  • LCD Screen shows test result clearly.

Technical indexes

NF-858 Transmitter specifications

LCD screen

58 x 40mm

Tone frequency


Max testing range


Trace cable coonected to switch


Compatible with connectors

RJ45, BNC, VFL , Mic USB

Low battery display

3.4 ± 0.2V

Storage  data

6 sets

Battery type

3.7V 1000mAh Lithium battary

Dimensions (LxWxD)

135 x 78 x 35 mm

NF-858 Receiver specifications



Led illumination


Battery type

3.7V 1000mAh Lithium battary

Dimensions (LxWxD)

203 x 45x 33mm

NF-858 Remote unit specifications

Compatible with connectors


Remote units

4 sets

Dimensions (LxWxD)

107 x 30 x 24mm

Applications lnclude:

  • BNC-RJ11 cable adaptor X 1 pcs
  • RJ45 cable adaptor X 1pcs
  • 8P extender adaptor x 1pcs
  • Cable Clip x 1pcs
  • Charging adaptor x 1 pcs
  • Lithium batter x 2 pcs
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