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  • Brushed motor 775 for bait boat 5500RPM 12V
    Brushed motor 775 for bait boat 5500RPM 12V The best choice of motor for bait boat on 12V. This motor have high torque and huge small consumation around 0.5A. Can be use on other device which work on 12V.  Parameters: - L98mm - D45mm - Shaft D5mm - Shaft lenght 16mm - Consumation: ..
  • Brushed motor Johnson 600 for bait boat
    Brush motor 600 Johnson one of the most recognized and popular motors currently on the market for radio-controlled models and baitboats. This motor has a very low power consumption, while at the same time is powerful enough with integrated fan and heatsink. The motor is suitable for operation at a..

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