Water Quality Products

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  • Αδιάβροχο πεχάμετρο τσέπης με θερμοκρασία
    Διαθέτει μια μεγάλη οθόνη πολλαπλών επιπέδων, η οποία εμφανίζει ταυτόχρονα τις μετρήσεις του pH και της θερμοκρασίας. Παρέχει μετρήσεις υψηλής ακρίβειας σε ένα μοντέλο τσέπης. Αυτός ο μετρητής διαθέτει έναν αισθητήρα θερμοκρασίας ο οποίος παρέχει ταχείες αυτόματες μετρήσεις με αντιστάθμιση θερμοκρασ..
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  • 6 in 1 Combo Water Quality Tester Pen type- pH, ORP, EC, TDS, Salinity and Temperature
    Έλεγχος ποιότητας νερού 6 σε 1 - pH, ORP, EC, TDS, Αλμυρότητα και θερμοκρασία(M0199720)
    This 6-in-1 Multi Parameter pentype water quality tester, can measure pH, Conductivity, ORP ,Temperature (°C/°F), TDS and Salinity in one meter. It does not require a power supply to operate, so it can be used anytime and anywhere. Measured value is ..
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  • Dissolved Oxygen Meter ATC Range (0.0-20.0)mg / L Water Quality Tester
    Διαλυμένος μετρητής οξυγόνου (0,0-20,0) mg / L ATC
    PB-607APortable intelligenceDissolved oxygen analyzer(Hereinafter referred to as the instrument), mainly for the convenience of the user to carry to the site operation and design. The instrument can be divided into two parts, the sensor and the electronic unit. The sensor film type polarographic oxy..
  • Professional Digital Dissolved Oxygen Meter
    Επαγγελματικός μετρητής διαλυμένου οξυγόνου
    Professional Digital Dissolved Oxygen Meter is a premium product from (). Professional Digital Dissolved Oxygen Meter you find in Water Quality Products. This Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Meter is a high performance, high accuracy, large LCD with dissolve oxygen and temperature value display. It has rea..
  • Digital ORP / Redox Pen Type Tester - Waterproof IP65
    Μετρητής ORP / Ελεγκτής τύπου Redox Pen - Αδιάβροχο IP65
    Application of 8552 AZ ORP Detector: ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential. The ORP is a measure of the cleanliness of the water & its ability to break down contaminants, which is used frequently in the water treatment, water disinfection process & food processing industry.  ..
  • Digital Water Quality Tester / Conductivity TDS Meter Pentype with ATC
    Μετρητής αγωγιμότητας TDS με ATC
    Applications& Usage: Ideal for all water quality testing, water purification applications,wastewater regulation, aquaculture, hydroponics, colloidal silver, labs & scientific testing, pools & spas,ecology testing, boilers & cooling towers, water treatment and more.   Feat..
  • Digital Dissolved Oxygen Meter Portable
    Φορητός μετρητής διαλυμένου οξυγόνου
    Features Model Number: JPB-70A Type: Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter Measurement range: 0.0 to 20.0 mg/L Accuracy: 0.3mg/L Resolution: 0.1 Residual current: not more than 0.15mg/L Response time: no more than 30s (90% response at 20°C) Automatic temperature compensation range: (0 ..
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