Digital 4-channel thermometer with K-type thermocouple SD data card and large LCD display

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This 4 Channel K Thermocouple SD Card Logger is the best tool for multiple measurement. It can record temperature changes by setting up data logging with no software required and no limit in memory. It has 4 reading display with backlight and real time clock feature. Beeper and LED Alarming function is programmable from HIGH-LOW limit. The unit can be used by either wallmount or handheld.


  • Super big LCD (104 x 47mm) portable / wallmount SD Card logger
  • Measure temperature via K-Type thermocouple
  • 4 channels could be set the temperature alarm independently
  • Unlimited manual memories (depend on the SD card memory)
  • Unlimited auto logging (depend on the SD card memory)
  • HOLD function freezes current readings
  • Checking MAX/MIN value from power on
  • Beeper and LED alarm are both available
  • One button press to display T1-T2
  • Display temperature change baseline
  • Programmable temperature HIGH/LOW alarm limit
  • Temperature offset function for adjustment purpose
  • Over-range indication with error messages
  • Blue backlight function works in dark area
  • 12 hour/24 hour time format selectable
  • Real time display (year-mon-date, hour-min)
  • 20mins auto power off to save power
  • Temperature units (°C/°F) selection
  • Powered by 4pcs AA batteries (included in the set) or 9V adaptor (not included in set)
  • Low battery indicator


  • K Temp. Range : -200~1370°C,-328~2498°F
    • Resolution : 0.1°C,0.1°F
    • Accuracy (under 18~28°C ambient temp.) : ±(0.3%rdg + 1°C)
  • Sampling Rate : Programmable from 1 second up
  • LCD Size (HxW) : 47 x 104mm
  • Operating Temp. : 0~50°C
  • Operating RH% : Humidity <80%
  • Storage temp.: -20~50°C
  • Storange RH% : Humidity <90%
  • Dimension (L x W x T) : 152 x 100 x 39mm
  • Weight : ~300g
  • Power Supply : 4 x AA Batteries (included in the set) or 9V adaptor (not included in the set)

Set includes:

  • 1 x 4 Channel K Type Thermometer SD Logger
  • 2 x K type thermocouple
  • 1 x 8G SD Card
  • 4 x AA Batteries
  • English Operation Manual
  • Standard Factory Packaging
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